Enesea invites you to explore a collection inspired by sentiment and nostalgia.

A resemblance of vintage Enesea, HEIRLOOM pays homage to the growth of the
brand while acknowledging its roots and anchor creations. Leaning into history,
this curation features covetable materials and precious stones re-worked to
create a contemporary yet timeless style.
Classics are redefined through a selection of pearls, golds, silvers and natural
semi-precious stones. Each component sourced across the globe, holding the
stories of the local hands that gather them. Hand-crafted in Australia, this
capsule encourages individuality through the creation of your own personal

Limited numbers produce an offering of exclusive nature, with no two pieces the
same. Each uniquely yours.

ODE TO HEIRLOOM extends even further with a re-introduction of our timeless
metal chain and hoop, evoking unending options of creative versatility to add to
your piece. An ability for personalization of heirlooms to pass down to
generations to come.

“Heirloom presents a collection that values history, timelessness and statement
pieces to be worn for years to come. I created each piece with our first ENESEA
collection in mind. Channeling heirlooms that hold onto the stories previously told
by those that wore them and encourage new stories imprinted by the generations
they are passed onto.” ~ Nikki, Founder and head designer